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This is the blog of a recovering anonymous alcoholic. There's also some Marxism creeping in now and then. Feel free to post comments, but if you know me, keep them anonymous. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006



On a t-shirt this morning - a reminder and a warning.

Monday, July 24, 2006

sake o nomimasen

I'm in Japan at the moment. They are quite keen on biiru (beer) and drinking in general. However, they are very polite and saying "sake o nomimasen" - "I don't drink alcohol" - is all I need to say. There have been isolated occasions when the drinking imp pops into my head, but it is easily suppressed. Have to be on my guard, though. It would be very easy to have "just one glass of beer" and down the spiral they go.

Non-alcoholic alternatives include oolong cha (Chinese tea) as a staple, with lots of ice; o-cha (green tea, hot or cold); aisu koohii (what it sounds like); and calpis (sounds like "cow piss", but is very similar to Indian lassi).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You are my friends

Thanks for everyone's support. Thanks to: MS, AW, JA, HR, and TM.

Coffee and Cigarettes

(If you haven't seen the Jim Jarmusch short with Tom Waits and Iggy Pop then you obviously don't drink enough coffee or smoke enough cigarettes.)

I've been trying to cut down on coffee as caffeine can increase the frequency of Meniere's Disease, and on cigarettes since tobacco increases the severity. However, my GP claims it is just a hard wax build up in my ear and not Meniere's.

I was supposed to go to a two-hour Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Programme session today. I was late because my GP was running late. They wouldn't let me in until the interval. I gave it a miss.

I'm gonna have some coffee and a cigarette. And finish reading "Left Wing" Communism by Lenin. And drip olive oil into my ear.


This tinnitus is driving me mad now; I can't get anything done. It started last Monday. I'd spent the weekend camping and taking drugs and listening to music in thirty degrees of heat wearing just a sarong and a chav chain. Fan-tastic! I made it as far as a B&B on Sunday and then got the first train to civilisation to be at a conference by 9am. I drank far too much coffee and my head went into a spin. I was back home for a day before heading off to another conference, so only went to the GP this morning. He's told me to put olive oil in my ear and come back on Friday to have it syringed. In the meantime, I can hardly concentrate. When I stand up I feel dizzy and when I sit down my head starts ringing. At least I'm not drunk and hungover as well ;-).

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Meniere's Attack

I've been away for a few days camping and then working. I'm feeling terrible today, I think it's Meniere's recurring. My head feels weird, I have vertigo standing up and insane tinnitus, especially when it's quiet. My ears are full. I'm having difficultly looking at the screen, so this is a short post. I'll tell you about my trip to the local substance misuse centre. It wasn't very interesting.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Musician cuts off own head

This was a story in the print version of The Times yesterday (Tue 4th July 2006). I can't find it on timesonline. A musician had become an alcoholic, this resulted in a physical syndrome which impaired his ability to play. He became depressed and drank more. Eventually, his life in a mess, his once-promising musical career in ruins, he tried to cut off his own head with a circular saw. Presumably, he blacked out from lack of blood because he only partially severed his head. He was found in the bath.