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Friday, September 29, 2006

Words of advice

Having been prompted to write something, here is some writing. Thing is, the two weeks since my last post have been pretty similar the two weeks described in a semi-fictionalised account of the last few weeks. Well, slightly worse actually. Highlights:
  • inviting three of the dodgiest characters in town back to my flat with two bottles of spirits and some psychedelics;
  • my landlady throwing them out and being subjected to a torrent of abuse and threatening behaviour;
  • apologising, and being called "pusillanimous";
  • thinking I'd gotten away with it;
  • going to Manchester for a demo in glorious sunshine and meeting a woman who had been born a Protestant in Anglesey, converted to Catholicism in Cork, and recently to Islam and claimed as a communist I was doing God's work, she said she'd pray for me, as does a Hindu guy who I helped out recently, their prayers aren't working;
  • being evicted;
  • starting Japanese lessons;
  • finding a room in an ex-student hall with about a dozen people that I already know;
  • drinking before noon three days in a row and not eating anything;
  • dropping pills in the afternoon;
  • waking up on the floor in a female student's room, sans coat, sweater, mobile phone or tobacco, "you were like that when I found you";
  • missing two meetings at work and only making it in twice this week (four times last week);
  • etc.
I haven't had a drink for over twenty-four hours now, so I've managed to kill that binge before anything else went wrong. I'm a bit lost at the moment, but have been improving all day. I am behind on work and need to move my stuff into the new place, do my Japanese homework and finish my political economy studies. Onward!


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